2013  •   Business and Law, Social Sciences

European Union: Multi-Level Coordination and Unification in Times of Crisis

Lead Presenter: Rachel Lake

After the global financial crisis of 2008 , the EU has faced a substantial crisis of its own, from the tensions between a unified monetary policy and separate fiscal policy, to overarching challenges of regulation and governance. ææWhy have some European countries weathered the storm successfully, whereas others have not? How can we explain the multi-level challenges of regulation and governance in the EU, in the context of globalization? This poster examines the comparative, differentiated response of Spain and France in the context of response to the European financial crisis of 2009. We argue that the role of European political institutions and domestic political economy play a critical role in not only financial institutions but also functional regulation throughout the EU as a whole. ææThe poster will display a timeline of the European financial crises, development and progress with respect to domestic and international political economy, while highlighting the increasingly unified sectors of nanotechnology and telecommunications. ææThe conclusions will show France and Spain’s varied responses to the aforementioned issues of political economy, showing further unity within the EU as the recommended solution to further economic economic and social development and progress.