2012  •  

ESS-GPR and NEU Antenna testing

Lead Presenter: Reid Vilbig

The major goal of the VOTERS project is to be able to accurately assess roadway damage in a fast and reliable manner. Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is one of the many tools that VOTERS has been pursuing to achieve this. While there are currently many GPR systems available, none of the current systems operate quickly enough to meet the goals of the VOTERS project to collect data at traffic speeds. The VOTERS project is developing all components of a fast and reliable GPR system and currently the project is attempting to match a variety of prototype antennas to the latest GPR prototype. The antennas under consideration include commercially available Vivaldi antennas and two sets of antennas designed at Northeastern University, Vivaldis and bowties. Beyond antennas the testing includes attenuators, power and low noise amplifiers, and ultimately all of which must be packaged in a low profile and ruggedized way. The current testing involves systematically iterating through varying configurations of hardware and differing test setups with the goal of being able to recommend to the VOTERS project the very best GPR system configuration using the building blocks available. Early results indicate that both the bowties and the Vivaldis are currently viable options.