Effect of Applying a Natural User Interface in a Culture Heritage Game

Presenter: Zhe Lei

Research Category: Computer and Information Sciences
College: College of Arts Media & Design
Major(s): Game Science and Design
Graduation Date: 2021

Culture heritage game is a new popular method to let a new generation of a civilizations inherit the culture heritage. But it’s real effect on the education of cultural heritage still remains undetermined. In the past decades, researchers had paid great effort on figuring out the clear relationship between the effect of education and entertainment, but failed to make a common-accepted conclusion. The applyment of the new technique may be helpful to solve this question. In this research, I developed a culture heritage game about Taoism culture with a natural user interface. By comparing the differences between the game immersion experience and learning outcome of our participants while they were experiencing this game and same game contents with a different input system, I try to the effect and applying natural user interface in a culture heritage game, and the relationship between the education and entertainment effects of a culture heritage game.The data is still being collected right now, but we will see the conclusion in a short time.