Dr. Brinsley: Diabetics Don’t Need to Choose Between Looking Good and Saving Their Foot

Presenter: Vidhan Bhaiya

Research Category: Interdisciplinary Topics, Centers and Institutes

Every 20 seconds, one foot is lost due to diabetes in the world today. Over half of these could have been prevented if people just wore recommended footwear. After speaking to 2000+ patients, we realized that 34% of patients don’t wear existing options just because of the way it looks even though it is a proven, preventive measure. We don’t believe that patients should not need to choose between looking good and losing their foot. Thus, we decided to create a framework for making diabetic footwear which combined medical performance with chic style.

We had a four phase research process to devising this framework –

  • Intimately understanding the design problem (India)
  • Finding the latest in shoe technology to address these design goals (Italy)
  • Repeated iterations and prototyping (India)
  • Consult industry thought-leaders (US).

This four phase process was repeated thrice over the course of three years and we came up with our final solution. Our footwear has been tested at the Central Leather Research Institute which proved our claims of peak pressure reduction and vertical force reduction to ensure that this was the ideal footwear for people with diabetes.

We started a company, Dr. Brinsley, to bring our products into market and are currently selling this footwear in 85+ hospitals and clinics across a few cities in India.