2012  •  

Does the normaTec MVPTM effectively reduce blood lactate concentrations following a wingate cycling test?

Lead Presenter: Emily Hanson

Context: Modalities can decrease recovery time between activities for active individuals. Blood lactate accumulation increases muscle fatigue following exercise and can decrease performance if not returned to baseline levels prior to subsequent activity. Purpose: The aim was to investigate the NormaTec MVPTM intermittent pneumatic compression (IPC) unit as a recovery modality and evaluate the effectiveness of lactic acid decrease compared to alternate recovery methods following an anaerobic Wingate cycling test (WAnT). Methods: Randomized controlled design tested the validity of the NormaTec MVPTM. Participants were randomly assigned one of three recovery interventions: NormaTec, active, or passive each lasting a total of 20 minutes following the WAnT. Participants: Twenty-one (n=21) lower extremity dominant division 1 club sport female student-athletes between 18-25 yrs volunteered. The physical characteristics of the participants were 19.14