Disaster Housing System

Presenter: Thanhthuy Bui

Research Category: Humanities and Arts
Student Type: Graduate

Every year disasters induced by conflict and climate will cause millions to fall victim to their forces, consequently increasing the existent population of the forcibly displaced worldwide. The majority of those affected by these disasters already lead highly vulnerable lives, so when a disaster strikes they are seemingly left hopeless. The current approaches in disaster response are unfortunately inadequate in responding to both the immediate and long term needs of this vulnerable population.

This research and proposal seeks to bring dignity and respect to these refugees and internally displaced persons whose identities as the forcibly displaced now dictate their lives. The focus of this proposal is to introduce a housing system that goes beyond the archaic notion of shelter in addressing immediate housing needs, and simultaneously acts as a foundation piece to an efficient and organic camp growth and urbanization. The Disaster Housing System offers an individual housing solution for its occupants through its kit of parts system; which forms the housing unit module allowing it occupants to adjust, adapt, aggregate, and transport their units with time and as needs change. This kit of parts system and module also reinforces a framework for the community to grow in a systematic fashion that embraces the nature of informal development. Ultimately the goal is to offer victims of disaster a sense of normalcy and opportunity through the intervention of adequate and appropriate housing and community.