2012  •  

Differential Diagnosis of Groin Pain in a Collegiate Male Ice Hockey Player

Lead Presenter: Brittany Bohannon

Studies estimate that up to 20% of the injuries each year in the NHL are injuries of the groin and pelvis. In the 1996/1997 season there were incidence rates of 19.87 injuries / 100 players / year. (Emery) It is important to determine a differential diagnosis of the injury in order to return the player to sport as quickly and safely as possible. Patient with complaints of left groin and hip pain following team lift. Positive impingement sign, Thomas Test, FABER. Tender to palpation over the pubic tubercle, adductor tendon. Underwent conservative treatment and films followed by FAI decompression and labral debridement and repair of left Athletic Pubalgia. The athlete began to show signs of improvement following the resolution of all surgeries. He was able to return to play at the beginning of the next season following surgery and did not miss a game during the season due to groin pain or symptoms. Discussion: It is important when dealing with a multi-symptom pathology that all aspects of the athlete