2013  •   Engineering and Technology

Delay-independent Stable Regulation Control Design on a Teleoperated Experimental Setup with Uncertain Delays

Lead Presenter: Payam Nia

Teleoperation has many applications in remote and hazardous environments such as underwater operations, space exploration, and medical robotic systems. In many teleoperation systems, delays can be uncertain, stemming mainly from remote sensing and actuation. In the presence of delays, controlling these systems is not trivial and a conventional controller may lead to poor performance in system behavior. Because of these reasons it makes sense to design a controller that would render such systems ñdelay independent stableî. That is, with this controller, the system would be safe and stable, no matter what the delay values would be. In this poster, we utilize our recently developed theoretical framework to design a delay-independent stable controller for an experimental teleoperation system with two sensory communication delays, under the assumption that the system is linear time invariant. We then test these theoretical findings on the experiment to investigate delay-independent stability. As we report, experimental results satisfactorily match with the predicted theoretical results, motivating further investigation of this control design concept on various application problems.