Data Gamification

Presenter: Rudra Trivedi

Research Category: Computer and Information Sciences
College: College of Arts Media & Design
Major(s): Game Science and Design
Graduation Date: 2021

Data has always been an important part of the digital world and its importance is only growing every day as more people get access to internet around the world. It has become part of our daily lives from social media to video games. Collecting and analyzing data can provide us multiple perspectives and insights depending on the context of the data. It is especially important in today’s time where misinformation spreads easily that people know how to interpret and analyze data. I have used game design elements to gamify real data by connecting them to game mechanics allowing the user to interact with the data itself. While playing the user gets trained in statistical concepts and interpreting data. This is expected to help people of all ages untrained in the field of data analyses to learn how to interpret data. Gamifying data might make it less unnerving and open new ways to explore data by interacting with it.