CPS: A Cyber-Physical Framework for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Guided Magnetic NanoParticles

Presenter: Rasam Soheilian

Research Category: Engineering and Technology
PI: Randall Erb

Cancer is one of the most acute health issues in our society nowadays and almost 30% of all deaths each year are due to cancer. In the past decades, chemotherapy has been the only way to treat cancer but there are issues related to this method such as side effects and not being able to destroy all cancer (neoplastic) cells. It is depicted that drug-laden magnetic nanoparticles can improve the efficiency of the drug delivery. These particles can be guided through human’s body by using a magnetic source which has a strong field and also a high field gradient. However, using such a source will cause the nanoparticles to form chains and aggregations that are larger than the size of the tumor pores. It is believed that the aggregate sizes are too large to effectively permeate the pores in the tumor cell network. This effect is going to lower the efficiency of drug delivery. In this work, we demonstrate that by using advanced field functions for our magnetic fields we can manipulate the field and gradient to break up this magnetic nanoparticles.