Building a National Job Market Analytics Platform Would Accelerate Hiring and Bring Fair Compensation

Presenter: Richard Huff

Research Category: Computer and Information Sciences
Student Type: Graduate
PI: Richard Huff
Award Winner Category: Computer and Information Sciences

Imagine a stock market in which share prices were not listed.  Consider how much time would be lost with each potential buyer redundantly researching and gathering information for their individual buy-or-sell decision.  Now consider the US job market.  It is very much this way.  Amidst 100,000 records related to job postings in New York City, my research discovered that jobs posted over 30 days were paying $10,000 less on average than jobs posted less than 30 days.  A national job market analytics platform would provide time-strapped hiring managers with the insight to fix the reasons why their job openings go unfilled.  With a national job market analytics platform, the US workforce, under-employed, and unemployed would more quickly steer their job search through today’s “black hole” job application processes.

Wages will be more competitive with the improved economy.  Compensation will become fairer across demographics.  With increasing US workers nearing retirement, our country better competes globally by having a national job market analytics platform.

With scholarships for a Masters Degree in Computer and Information Sciences, I would dedicate my classwork, along with my deep recruitment knowledge and experience, to building a pilot platform for the cooperative education opportunities through Northeastern University.  A successful pilot at Northeastern University would serve as a model supporting expansion into the broader US job markets.