AstroHUD: Augmented Reality Heads-up Display for Astronauts

Presenter: Nicolette Tovstashy

Research Category: Engineering and Technology
College: Khoury College of Computer Sciences
Major(s): Computer Science, Design
Graduation Date: 2021
Additional Authors: Teo Boley, Joseph Annis, Riha Khan

Space expeditions have the potential to enrich humanity through broadening knowledge and solving technological challenges. With renewed interest in the space program, NASA is planning to send another manned mission to the moon by 2024. As such, NASA is actively furthering the development of technologies which support astronauts as they live and work in space. The next generation of the Extravehicular Mobility UnitÐor spacesuitÐhas the potential to reimagine the astronaut workflow. By including a mixed reality heads-up display in the helmet, astronauts can leverage an integrated information network to enhance navigation, task completion, and communication. This display can also expose critical telemetry, and passively reduce the stress and mental load of working in space. In this project, we research mission requirements, astronaut needs, and design guidelines to synthesize our interpretation of such a heads-up display; we present this synthesis in this large-format visualization. We then prototype and evaluate the display using the HoloLens 2.