2012  •  

Assessing Bridge Deck Deterioration Using GPR

Lead Presenter: Nicole Martino

One main goal of the VOTERS project is to be able to quantify roadway and bridge deck deterioration with a variety of sensing techniques, one being Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR). The scope of this work is to understand the relationship between electromagnetic signals and active corrosion. Various analyses have been conducted on laboratory slabs exposed to accelerated corrosion in a controlled environment, and a bridge deck removed from service by using GPR and half-cell potentials (HCP). A qualitative data analysis shows a strong correlation between GPR amplitudes and HCP measurements for various corrosion levels. Additionally, a statistical analysis was performed on GPR rebar reflection amplitudes collected from in-service bridge decks. The results indicate that it may be possible to quantify corrosion based on statistical parameters like mean, standard deviation, skewness, and kurtosis. The future research of this project, which is currently underway, entails exposing 3 specially constructed slabs to an accelerated corrosion environment. Measurements including 2.6 GHz ground coupled GPR, HCP and impact echo (IE) are taken on a biweekly schedule. Similar analyses will be carried out for this experiment and in addition to monitoring the velocities of electromagnetic and mechanical waves we