arc: building conversations

Presenter: Chelsea Costaney

Research Category: Interdisciplinary Topics, Centers and Institutes
Student Type: Undergraduate
Faculty Advisor: Chelsea Costaney
Award Winner Category: Interdisciplinary Topics

ARC is an interactive experience which bridges the communication gap between architects and community members in regards to city planning. The ARC tools include an augmented reality iPad app and corresponding website which helps promote productive discussion. The problem currently facing civic involvement is the lack of clear communication between the architects and the community. Our app displays both the current project site and the proposed project while the user is immersed in the environment. This helps to emphasize the impact of proposed changes as well as clear up any confusion that may occur from the use of a less effective medium. Throughout the app experience the user participates in a survey to provide feedback for the architects and other community members. The ARC website includes project details and statistics plus a project-based forum area for users to make their voices heard. The ARC experience is a set of dynamic tools that clears up the confusion currently plaguing city planningÍs civic involvement by facilitating an open forum process.