A Novel Approach for Wind-Load Fragility Analysis of Tall Buildings and Tower Structures: Layered Stochastic-Approximation-Monte-Carlo Algorithm

Research Category: Engineering and Technology
Presenter: Lei Zhang
Additional Authors: Luca Caracoglia

This presentation proposes a novel method for wind-load fragility analysis for slender structures (a monopole tower and a 183 m tall building) subjected to turbulent winds, using a Layered Stochastic Approximate Monte Carlo algorithm (LSAMC). The along-wind dynamic response of the monopole tower is estimated first. Furthermore, for the tall building, a more general case involving both along-wind and cross-wind loads is considered as well as the effects of vortex shedding. Wind loads originating from synoptic winds, such as hurricanes and extra-tropical storms, are examined. The structural fragility curves accounting for randomness inherent in the parameters describing wind loading have been successfully estimated with the proposed methodology and have been validated by comparison against standard Monte-Carlo methods, which are typically utilized for the wind load fragility analysis of structures in practice.