A Model Interprofessional Experiential Education Program for Bouvé Freshman Health Professional Students

Research Category: Interdisciplinary Topics, Centers and Institutes
Presenter: Kathryn Robinson, MHA/Ed., RN
PI: Jamie Musler

Recognizing the need to explore innovative interprofessional (IP) experiential education opportunities, Bouvé faculty collaborated with Bouvé’s Interprofessional Research, Innovate, Serve & Educate (iRISE) student committee to develop a pilot program promoting IP collaborative practice for health professional students. The objective was to pilot an educational program introducing students to interprofessional education (IPE) competencies in a traditional didactic format, supplemented by an IP skill component (CPR course) culminating in an IP simulation where students applied their knowledge in a real world patient care scenario. iRISE-developed and taught an instructional module focused on the history and significance of IPE.  An IP medical simulation scenario was then developed. Various healthcare roles were assigned to a cohort of freshman students from six Introduction to College classes (N=144). The students were required to: 1) gather and assess information about the situation, 2) develop an appropriate team strategy to provide patient care, 3) complete self-assessments on their ability to communicate interprofessionally, and 4) participate in a debriefing to facilitate reflection. Student assessments concluded the learners were at different levels of preparedness when required to communicate during a high-stress situation. Students identified challenges and collectively agreed on strategies to improve their performance. Results from the evaluation indicate 100% of students found this educational program to be a valuable IP experience. The programs’ initial assessment suggest it may serve as a model for how Bouvé can integrate positive interprofessional experiential learning experiences for health professional students to strengthen their ability to contribute to a collaborative healthcare practice environment.