A Household Fan with Cooling and Heating Capabilities, a Cheap Alternative to AC

Research Category: Engineering and Technology

According to the British journal 'THE LANCET,' there were 74 million deaths reported between 1985 and 2012 due to hot and cold temperatures. Due to the increasing global warming, the magnitude of those temperatures will also increase which will also increase that death toll. Now the rich and upper-class community are equipped with air conditioner and heating systems to adopt such a climate change, but the lower class community has no such access to these technologies. This solution will help those communities with a technology which can help them cope up with such harsh climate changes and that too at a cheaper rate. This project proposes a low energy consuming fan that will be equipped with Thermoelectric Modules (TEM). These TEMs will generate hot and cold side which will cool and heat the air from the fan. TEM will generate hot and cold side depending on the direction of the current provided to it. According to a recent Berkeley National Laboratory study, in the U.S. alone, nearly 100 million tons of carbon dioxide is released every year by air conditioning systems. While this system does not generate any emissions as it does not burn any fuel and gives clean heating and cooling with use of electricity. This solution will not only help the people without a proper A/C system to face the adverse climatic change, but it will also uplift their living standards. It will decrease the death toll of people due to very high and low temperatures.