A High-Speed Low-Power Hybrid Analog-to-Digital Converter Architecture for Wireless Portable Medical Devices

Research Category: Engineering and Technology
Presenter: Seyed Alireza Zahrai
PI: Marvin Onabajo

In recent years, telemedicine has become popular because it makes access to healthcare more convenient with lower cost, thereby saving lives through early diagnosis and real-time monitoring. The goal of this research is to design a high-speed analog-to-digital converter (ADC) to be used in portable communication chips for telemedicine applications that require low power consumption to extend the lifetimes of batteries. The high-speed and low-power performance is achieved by devising a hybrid architecture that combines the advantages of two different types of ADCs. In the first stage, a flash ADC resolves the three most significant bits of the analog input signal, and the remaining five bits are determined by four time-interleaved low power SAR ADCs in the second stage, leading to an overall hybrid ADC having 8-bit resolution while operating with a 1GHz sampling clock signal.