A High-Capacity, Multi-Modal Breast Cancer Imaging System

Research Category: Engineering and Technology
Presenter: Ashkan Ghanbarzadeh Dagheyan
Additional Authors: Ali Molaei, Juan Heredia, Richard Obermeier, Jose Martinez Lorenzo
PI: Jose Martinez Lorenzo

Prevention is the real and effective solution to the breast cancer epidemic (1 in 8 women); yet, presently, accurate and early breast cancer detection is also of high importance to help women who already have developed breast cancer or are projected to develop it in the near future. In this work, a high-capacity multi-modal breast imaging system is presented that could potentially compensate the drawbacks of current breast imaging systems, such as high rate of false results and their consequences. The high-capacity feature of the system is due to the use of compressive sensing through measurement randomization, and the multi-modality feature is introduced by using microwave and ultrasound imaging in one co-registered system.