A Dream

Presenter: Vu Nguyen

Research Category: Humanities and Arts
College: College of Arts Media & Design
Major(s): Business Administration, Design
Graduation Date: 2021

Over a year after Kobe Bryant’s passing, his presence and ideology are still felt across the world. Kobe’s passion for the game of basketball stands as a testament to the fact that when an individual invests their mind and body into their dreams, chances are, they will ultimately get what they truly desire. The problem is, this is a world where the importance of the process to get to one’s dream is forgotten because of all the accomplishments and accolades flooding the internet. “A Dream” is a short animated film to deliver Kobe’s words ‘to his daughters’, about pushing one’s mental and physical limits to realize that the dream isn’t the destination but the journey. The short film is a gradual transformation of a live boulder, in its raw form, moving with a basketball. As the boulder moves, bits and pieces start falling out of its structure and slowly turn into a reincarnation of Kobe Bryant. With the power of Kobe’s voice resonating throughout the animation, “A Dream” proves when KobeÕs will and determination are inherited, even inanimate objects can transform into something special.