A Comprehensive Screening Tool for Workplace Wellness Programs

Research Category: Health Sciences
Presenter: Lisa Thompson
PI: Alycia Markowski

The shifting climate of healthcare in the United States is placing an increased emphasis on preventative medicine as a way to keep our nation healthier and our cost of health care down. As a result, workplace wellness programs are becoming more commonplace and individuals who have previously never exercised are now encouraged to participate in such programs. This has created a need for the development of a comprehensive screening tool to ensure the safety of the participants. The purpose of the Wellness Program Screening Tool (WPST) is to identify individuals who would benefit from a medical and or Physical Therapy referral prior to beginning a workplace wellness program. The WPST was developed through reviewing recent literature and clustering evidence-based Cardiovascular and Musculoskeletal assessments into one comprehensive tool to identify individuals who are at risk for adverse events or injury. Given the increasing prevalence of workplace wellness programs there is a need for a screening tool such as this to ensure the safety of program participants and help decrease the occurrence of adverse events.