A 100M Ohms High-Gain Trans-Impedance Amplifier

Research Category: Engineering and Technology
Presenter: Yixuan He

This paper presents the design, implementation, and simulation of a high-gain, low-power, low-noise CMOS front-end trans-impedance amplifier (TIA) for optical interfacing between a biosensor array and analog neural circuits of bio-hybrid robot controller along with description of Central Pattern Generator (CPG) design used for cyber-plasm based biomimetic robot. The proposed TIA topology with an active load to avoid the design issue from large on-chip resistors and to increase the design flexibility in gain-bandwidth trade-offs. Also, it accomplishes a 100M ohms trans-impedance gain, 200KHz bandwidth, 190fA/sqrt(Hz) input-referred current noise at sensing frequency, near 10 degrees phase shift and 1V peak-to-peak output swing. The circuit of this TIA dissipates 65uW from a 1.8V power supply, and it is implemented and verified using standard 0.18um CMOS technology using Cadence.