Northeastern and the Disappearing Partnership

Northeastern and the Disappearing Partnership

Image 1The philosopher Martin Heidegger wrote a treatise around a simple, yet astute observation: when things work well, work as they should, they disappear right before our eyes. They slide into the background, subroutines cranking away doing their duty diligently, reliably, consistently.

Think about it. Your desk, your mouse, your pen … notepad, phone, Facebook … endless is the list. Invisible, ready-at-hand, when operating smoothly.

Sober Rabbit
But, when things break, when they fail to function — bam — There they are. The leaking pen, the dead mouse, the delayed Dropbox. Front and center, right within view. Attention seized and the malfunction cries out for rectification.

This phenomenon is intriguing, no doubt. Yet, for current purposes, let’s focus on things working well.  


When our desk, chair, computer, programs, phones, work as they should, we are able to use our energy and attention elsewhere to complete other tasks, like writing this article, engineering a medical device, testing a drug compound, etc. When functioning optimally and within design parameters, invisibility contributes to creativity, productivity, and ingenuity. Invisibility is leveraged and maximized.

Yousif AlHomoudiWhen working well, we leverage the resources of our chairs and computers to achieve our other aims: to write our books, design our buildings, crunch our numbers. Utilizing resources to free up resources.

This is the principle driving Northeastern’s inaugural Pathways to Partnership panel. The principle that leveraging the high-functioning resources of Northeastern laboratories empowers you to direct your attention to other pressing matters. In essence, let Northeastern be the scaffold from which to paint your Sistine Chapel. 

At the panel, you will hear eight Northeastern labs outline their capabilities, unique resources, accolades, and pathways for customized partnering. Lab directors with expertise in the following fields will speak:

Nanomedicine | Advanced Materials | Imaging & Therapeutics | Clean Energy 

Networks & Systems | Resilience | Microfluidics | Nanoscale Biophysics

Attend Pathways to Partnership and discover the magnifying power of a “disappearing” partnership.


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