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Northeastern’s expansive event space — all decked out in grey, green, and black — welcomed attendees, participants, and volunteers to experience the most energizing Research, Innovation, Scholarship and Entrepreneurship Expo to date. On the 4th of April 2019, when Boston was early into its spring bloom, RISE happened. Aptly named and perfectly timed, RISE signifies giving wings for flight, roots for growth, and sun to shine.

A university-wide initiative hosted by the Center for Research Innovation and the Office of the Provost, RISE brings together cutting edge research, world transforming ideas, and next-gen philosophy all under one roof. The 2019 RISE expo saw the attendance of 2000+ industry leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, and technology enthusiasts from diverse sectors who engaged more than 400 of Northeastern’s solution-focused innovations. Over 100 esteemed judges from a host of industries (clean energy, design, computer science, sustainability, engineering,
architecture, life science, and finance, for example) came together to measure the ingenuity of Northeastern research and determined the recipients of the prestigious RISE Awards.


The RISE Experience

According to participants, i.e., those currently enrolled in Northeastern programs, RISE is an appealing experience because of the diversity of innovation and ideology it offers. RISE creates a space for cross talk between students of different levels (undergraduate, graduate, PhD) and from assorted areas of interest — even the physical layout exhibits interdisciplinary collaboration.

Each and every participant showcases with a sense of pride

Although diversity prevails from one row of posters to the next, what remains constant is the sentiment and emotion of the participants — a humanities student is as eager as a computer science grad. Passion, grit, determination: just a few of the emotions powering Northeastern students to produce research that generates impact.

Standing tall next to their posters, participants across the exhibition floor engage attendees with their minute-to-win-it pitch talks. Fielding questions, wowing attendees, and impressing the judges to their best ability as they animatedly explaining their research in accessible terms.

A journey of confidence and professional development

RISE is as an excellent opportunity for the innovators and thought leaders of tomorrow to translate their work for the real world. Industry leaders, who form a large part of the attending demographic, point out that RISE encourages burgeoning superstars to believe in themselves. Not only does RISE participation look extremely impressive on a resume, but it also develops professionalism in manifold ways.

The biggest take away for most participants is the pursuit and journey of RISE. Professional development is a welcomed result, but the opportunity to prove scientific mettle, share barrier breaking ideas, and shift paradigms of thought is what pushes them through sleepless nights and days of dedicated blood, sweat, and tears.

Inspiration and epiphanies open to all

Attendees stand impressed with the host of research happening at Northeastern. It is a fulfilling experience to behold sparks of ideas and epiphanies become organized research plans, compelling data, and significant results. RISE boosts the faith community partners, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders have in the students and research occurring at Northeastern.

Time to test, time to fly

Fresh grads and early undergrads are often like fledgling birds nervous before a first flight because exposing one’s ideas and hard earned results can be scary; entering the real world can be daunting, even overwhelming.

RISE, reflecting the ethos of Northeastern, not only gives young innovators wings to fly, but also a push to take the leap. When students stand at the crossroads of their education and professional life pondering, “What if I fall?” Northeastern’s RISE gives them wings and whispers, “Oh, but what if you fly.”

Get a glimpse of RISE for yourself. Explore RISE research. Watch the promo video.

Thank you, RISE Sponsors, for your generous support and commitment to innovation at Northeastern.

Written by Divya Parikh.

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