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An Overview

Rise HeadRISE is returning to the Boston campus on April 9 to showcase one thousand student presenters across the Health Sciences, Engineering and Technologies, Computer Information Systems, Law, Literature, Political Science, the Visual Arts and Design and other fields boasting creative and innovative works undertaken by students and faculty. With over one-hundred and twenty-five judges consisting of academics and industry professionals, over two thousand industry leaders, investors, government workers, non-profiteers, researchers and tech enthusiasts, and one-hundred and fifteen companiesorganizations, government entities, and non-profits participating to date, it is again set to be a local epicenter of groundbreaking innovation by Northeastern University’s latest wave of student and faculty researchers. 

What’s the point?

For those new to or unaware of RISE, it is the largest event of its kind dedicated to exposing students and their work to a wide breadth of experts from many backgrounds, bridging the gap between academia and industry. Students have four hours to present their work to attendees and judges, and then await the RISE Awards where select student presentations whose work has been deemed best suited to the criteria of a particular category will be recognized and awarded in front of their peers and potential employers.  

Awards ImageThe RISE Award categories reflect the core principles of RISE, with categories dedicated to Research, Innovation, Scholarship and Entrepreneurship, as is spelled out in the RISE acronym. There are also awards for more niche categories, such as the Design Award, dedicated to the analysis of design principles and the process of shaping innovative ideas and solutions, or the DATA Award, dedicated to the presentation that demonstrates the most inventive and promising approach to creating value with data driven analytics and automation. This years expo will also see a variety of new awards for presentations focused on the Humanities, Social Sciences and Art and Design, further exposing the talented minds within Northeastern’s student body to the professional world.  

At its core, RISE seeks to find the most promising projects undertaken by students across a diverse array of fields at Northeastern University, whether it be in the Sciences or the Arts or something in between, and exposes that work to people in industry. The aim is to take work which exists in an academic setting and merge it into a professional environment where it can experience the growth needed to make an impact on the modern marketplace.  

Who’s going?

Wide Shot Crowd ImageEverybody is welcome at RISE, including students, members of industry from business, tech, government, and general enthusiasts looking to see the latest and greatest work being done by students at Northeastern University. The panel of judges consists of experts from companies and organizations affiliated with the non-profit, private and government sectors sponsoring the expo as well as faculty from Northeastern and professionals across industries affiliated with the STEM fields, Law, the Visual and Liberal Arts and Humanities, and more. Consisting of members of academia and industry, RISE is a nursery that fosters connections between prospective employers and students set to join the workforce in the near future. Change is a twoway street, and RISE is in the divide directing traffic, putting brilliant minds somewhere they can make a difference. Those who want to be a part of that change should make a point of making an appearance.

What do I need to know?

The RISE Expo will be held at the Cabot Physical Education Center and the RISE Awards will be held at the Interdisciplinary Science & Engineering Complex, or ISEC building, at the Northeastern campus in Boston on April 9, 2020. The general itinerary for the expo is as follows: 

  • 10:00am – RISE student presentations begin 
  • 3:00pm – RISE Awards ceremony begins 
  • 5:00pm – RISE Expo concludes 

Registration is available hereAny additional information regarding sponsors, awards, and past RISE Expos can be found on the RISE website.  

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Written by Joseph Burns

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