New Awards at RISE

RISE is where Northeastern’s electrifying spirit is on display. We know this.

RISE assembles over 100 judges from industry, academia, government, and community to determine which RISE presentations exhibit superior excellence in Research, Innovation, Scholarship, and Entrepreneurship — awarding them glimmering crystalline trophies and enviable sums of cash.

We also know this.

But, here’s something you may not know….

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Introducing the Focus Awards

Focus Awards “focus” attention on particular aspects of RISE participation. They recognize and reward specialized excellence.

Some Focus Awards may be familiar, like the Best Video Pitch, while others, are new.

Let’s “focus” on the new. There are four of them. Yes, four.

Grand Impact Award – $1,500

Sponsored by RISE, the Grand Impact Award reflects the use-inspired, solution oriented ethos of Northeastern. The NU community is characterized by global thinking and a profound commitment to addressing the world’s most critical challenges, and this award furthers research into inequities faced on a variety of social levels — from city streets to global policy.

The Grand Impact Award recognizes research that illuminates and addresses social, civic, and/or environmental inequity by providing a new conceptual approach for a particular inequity and substantially contributing to a novel solution.     

COE Solution Awards – $2,000 in Total

Sponsored by the College of Engineering, Solution Awards recognize COE students who demonstrate the mission of the College, which is to create and translate knowledge through transformative research and remarkable innovation.

These awards are given to two COE graduate students and one COE undergraduate whose RISE submissions keenly reflect solutions that address global needs by identifying/developing novel approaches to problems within scientific, social, and/or entrepreneurial spheres.

1st place and 2nd place graduate student awardees will receive $1000 and $500, respectively.

1st place undergraduate awardee will receive $500.

DATA Award – $1,500

This award is sponsored by the Digital, Analytics, Technology and Automation (DATA) Initiative, a cross-disciplinary, innovative hub of thought leadership committed to researching, developing and sharing new knowledge and approaches for transforming organizations into digital and data-driven businesses.

The DATA Award recognizes the RISE presentation demonstrating the most creative and promising approach to generating value with data-driven and technology-enabled analytics and automation.

Yakov Bart, Associate Professor of Marketing for D’Amore-McKim School of Business, oversees this new award, and is excited about its impact, stating, “the $1500 prize will spotlight DATA driven research and help integrate analytics into all possible industries.”

SAIL Award – $1,000

While a main goal of RISE is to showcase extraordinary research, an equally important goal is for participants to learn and grow as a result of the entire experience. That’s why SAIL, Northeastern’s new approach to education focused on capturing and leveraging the learning we do across our lives, is sponsoring the SAIL Award.

The SAIL Award is granted to the RISE participant who best applies the SAIL framework to describe at least one critical experience related to participation.

The critical experience need not focus too tightly on specific tasks related to presenting at RISE; it may also encompass life-lessons learned through holistic RISE participation. That said, the critical experience must be related in some way to the experience of doing the work that led to the RISE submission, and that link must be made clear.

The winning SAIL Award submission will artfully demonstrate the learning importance of both RISE and SAIL, and how the experience has cultivated transferable skills that may be used in future contexts. Watch this video to learn more.

Sharing Economy Award – $1,500

Technology has enabled new platforms to flourish, and these platforms have disrupted traditional businesses and transformed the future of transportation, lodging, computing, energy, and other services. One outgrowth of technological expansion has been the sharing economy. The sharing economy can be characterized as a system of dynamic, decentralized networks that enables the increased utilization of assets by directly and nimbly matching supply and demand.

The estimated impact of sharing economy practices on society is striking, directly affecting the lives of more than a quarter of the adults living in the USA. However, the rapid pace of change has resulted in limited understanding of the dynamic interactions of these platforms with society, and the lag in understanding may be dangerous as disruptive changes continue to accelerate.

SHARE sponsors this award because SHARE envisions a world in which sharing economy platforms are intentionally engineered for socially desirable outcomes, taking into account long-term sustainability, cyber-security, resource usage efficiency, impact on the environment, workforce and community relations, interactions with public services, and value-creation.

The Sharing Economy Award recognizes the RISE presentation demonstrating the most creative and promising approach to using technologies and algorithms for optimizing design, incentives, operations and security of sharing economy systems that enable socially desirable outcomes, such as sustainable growth, social equity, and improved resilience.

How to be considered …

There is an extra step to be considered for these Focus Awards.

Carefully review the descriptions of the various Focus Awards, fill out the registration form, and thoughtfully answer the questions for each of the awards you are interested in.

Then, and only then, will you be eligible for one (or more) of these new Focus Awards.

You may apply for more than one Focus Award. Compete for all if you like! Just make sure to complete the Focus Awards Registration Form by March 17th.

Focus Awards winners are announced at the RISE Awards, April 4th, 3:00 – 5:00pm, at Northeastern’s architecturally stunning Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Complex (ISEC).

All are welcome to attend.

Written by Brice Tennant & Divya Parikh.

Photo by © gillianvilla. All rights reserved.

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