How To RISE Online

A New Overview

RISE:2020 will be conducted virtually in response to public health and safety concerns regarding the COVID-19 outbreak. To accommodate RISE’s new online format, students, presenters and attendees will utilize Microsoft Teams to facilitate pitching and presenting student projects. All parties affiliated with RISE:2020 must have access to the Microsoft Teams on the day of the event. Microsoft Teams can be downloaded free of cost here.

The Format

On April 9, virtual RISE will begin with opening statements at 9:50 am and then start conducting student presentations at 10 am. Presentations will be held throughout the day until 5 pm, at which point closing statements for virtual RISE will be made. Opening and closing statements will also be held on Microsoft Teams. An itinerary detailing the time frames for statements and student presentation as well as links to meeting rooms will be made available to all attendees prior to the event. 

Student presenters will be afforded a 15 minute window to pitch their project to judges and attendees via virtual meeting rooms on Microsoft Teams. At the beginning of each presentation, the judges will introduce themselves to the presenters and attendees. Once introductions have been made, the student presenters will pitch their project. At the end of the pitch, judges will provide feedback to the students regarding their projects and then move on to their next judging assignment. Student presenters and attendees may continue to occupy the virtual meeting space for Q&A.  

Due to the nature of the virtual format, student presenters will be allowed to use screen sharing to implement any visual aids that support their project. This may include images, websites or any additional files that can be communicated effectively in a live video stream. However, students will not be afforded additional time for their interactions with judges should the additional of visual aids extend the length of their presentation. 

General Itinerary 

  • 9:50 am – Opening Statements 
  • 10:00 am – Student Presentations Begin 
  • 5:00 pm – Student Presentations End, Closing Statements 

Presentation format — 15 minutes

  • Judges and presenters provide introductions 
  • Presenters pitch
  • Judges ask questions and offer feedback 
  • Q&A with attendees and presenters (May exceed 15 minute time frame)

Additional information and updates regarding virtual RISE can be found here.

Written by Joseph Burns

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