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April 9 was a day of discovery. A day of successOver 350 RISE Presenters shared their projects virtually with RISE Judges and viewers from across the globe — a tremendous display of resilience during times of widespread turbulence! 

Now its time to celebrate this magnificent exhibition of creative activity and research by recognizing the awards winners.

RISE Awards


Anastasia Leopold, Invasive Infrastructure 
Co-authors: Alexander Bondi, Kalpana Bhandari


Amanda Collison, Using Polysomnographic Airflow Phenotype to Predict Sleep Apnea Response to Oral Appliance Therapy


Ciara Selders, Mitophagy as a Therapeutic for Parkinson’s Disease 


Yujia Wang, SMARTHIP™ Biosensor and Drug Releasing Platform
Co-author:  Frederick Zorbas

Focus Awards 

COE Solution Awards

1st Place (tie) – Undergraduate – Amanda Dee, Non-Invasive, In Situ Monitoring of Root Growth
Co-author: Krystyna Farrell

1st Place (tie) – Undergraduate – Suha Yacoob, Novel Route to Develop Neuropathic Pain Inhibitors 
Co-author: Alan Cherney

1st Place – Graduate – Nathan Adeyemi, Queue Theory-Based Inpatient Arrival Rate Approximation

CPS Resiliency and Sustainability Awards 

Undergraduate – Mark Turner, Fixed-Wing Drone Autonomous Re-Flight Platform

Graduate – Mruga Salunke, Building Cultural Resilience and Agility

DATA Award 

Graduate – Freida Parsons, Multi-Level Sentiment Analysis of Stress 
Co-authors: Wangzi Zhao, Lucia Alessi

Data and Digital Storytelling Awards 

Undergraduate – Zack Bennett-Engler, Curious Boston
Co-authors: Kiley Choi, Jillian Arkin-Burns, Rucha Khanolkar

Graduate – Jordan Clark, Human Perception AI in the Classroom

Design Awards 

Undergraduate – Vidhan Bhaiya, Dr. Brinsley: Chic + Functional Diabetic Footwear

Graduate – Estuardo Villatoro Castaneda, Women: Head and Heart of the Haitian Economy

Ethically Informed Research Awards 

1st Place – Undergraduate – Matthew Greer-Gentis, Deported Veterans and Criminogenic Risk Factors  
Co-author: Linda Manziaris

2nd Place – Undergraduate – Adriell Louis, Stroke Knowledge and Prevention: Tokyo and Bangkok
Co-authors: Elizabeth Trauger, Daem Celestin

Grand Impact Award 

Graduate – Mariangela Cardoso Miguel Carmona, Give It Here!: An App-Based Solution for Charity Donations
Co-authors: Joyce Liu, Anu Ajaya Kumar, Yasha Barthia, Chia Hsiang Shih, Yingtao Dai

Health Communication Awards 

Undergraduate – Maria Paz, LGBTQ+ Healthcare Competency Intervention Study

Undergraduate – Sarah Rathje, Theoretical Analysis of Opioid Campaign

Illuminating Complex Problems Awards 

Undergraduate – Debby Nguyen, Immigrant Health and Wellbeing in Sanctuary Spaces
Co-authors: Emily Alves, Ashley Houston, Alisa Lincoln

Graduate – Mruga Salunke, Building Cultural Resilience and Agility

SAIL Award 

Undergraduate – Matthew Greer-Gentis, Deported Veterans and Criminogenic Risk Factors 
Co-author: Linda Manziaris

Sharing Economy Award 

Graduate – Jinyuan Chen, Use ML Method to Predict Store Performance

Graduate Innovator Award 

Graduate – Kirin Gada, The Role of GIRK Channels in Atrial Fibrillation

Outstanding Research Awards

Computer and Information Sciences 

Undergraduate – Tejas Sathyamurthi, Predicting Forest Fires Using Machine Learning 

Graduate – Jinyuan Chen, Use ML Method to Predict Store Performance 

Engineering and Technology 

Undergraduate – Adam Alper, Magnetic “Tweezers”: A Micro-magnetism Tool

Graduate – Nicholas Briggs, Structural Resilience by Innovation in Diaphragms

Health Sciences 

Undergraduate – Anusha Purakayastha, Reel2Real  
Co-authors: Jenna Campagna, Rachel Berry

Graduate – Tessa Brighton, Checkpoint Inhibitors and Cancer Cell Killing

Humanities and Arts 

Undergraduate – John Edwards, Social Choice and Voting Systems 
Co-authors: Mike Nelson, Kamran Parsa, Kathryn Petka, Alyssa Pascoe, Emily Minor, Alissa Plotkin, Filip Musial, Erik Mead, Anthony Wiryaman, Shalese Jordan, Rafi Nizam, Ameya Bhat

Graduate – Elizabeth Farrell, An Everyday Utopia: Water, Energy, Waste in Haiti 

Interdisciplinary Topics, Centers and Institutes 

Undergraduate – Vidhan Bhaiya, Dr. Brinsley: Chic + Functional Diabetic Footwear

Graduate – George Hajjar, Disaster Relief Planning Organization
Co-authors: Justin Chiovitti, Qianlin Xu (Lin), Fangzhou Yu (Noah), Natalie Clark

Physical and Life Sciences 

Undergraduate – Joie Sun, Using POOL to Understand the Genomics Behind MAPKs

Graduate Max Winkelman, Neurovascular Niche-on-a-Chip

Social Sciences, Business and Law 

Undergraduate – Alexandra Medina, Boston Underwater 

Graduate – Mika Morikawa, Cultural Awareness in the Social Work World

Information regarding award finalists can be found here.

Many thanks to RISE Presenters, Judges, Northeastern staff and leadership, and sponsors for your support, collaboration, and generosity. See you at RISE:2021! 








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