RISE and Fly

A Nexus of Innovation Northeastern’s expansive event space — all decked out in grey, green, and black — welcomed attendees, participants, and volunteers to experience the most energizing Research, Innovation,…
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RISE:2019 Keynote Speaker, Adam Broun

RISE is proud to announce Adam Broun, CEO of Kensho, as the Keynote Speaker for RISE:2019 Professional Experience Adam Broun is the Chief Executive Officer at Kensho, a company that…
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New Awards at RISE

RISE is where Northeastern’s electrifying spirit is on display. We know this. RISE assembles over 100 judges from industry, academia, government, and community to determine which RISE presentations exhibit superior…
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The Who, What, Why of RISE

Maybe you are new to Northeastern and don’t know what RISE is. Maybe you’ve been here awhile and have heard of “RISE,” but only in the way you’ve heard of…
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Common Ground & Gratitude Abound

Contemplating the nature of sponsorship while preparing to thank our RISE:2017 sponsors uncovered an intriguing find. “Sponsor” comes from the Latin word sponsus and the related spondere, meaning, “a surety,…

RISE delivers Dreams with a Kick

By Kevin Papierski, 2x RISE Judge. I can always tell when my dogs have had an overstimulating day. At the end of it all, when we’re unwinding on the couch,…

RISE Awards: Grit over Glamour

Northeastern’s RISE is an exhibition of Research, Innovation, and Scholarship. Research, innovation, and scholarship are easy words to speak, but when we pause to consider what Research, Innovation, and Scholarship…

Live from RISE:2017

A showcase of Northeastern’s research, prototypes, and innovative ideas – check out the live blog!
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Northeastern and the Disappearing Partnership

The philosopher Martin Heidegger wrote a treatise around a simple, yet astute observation: when things work well, work as they should, they disappear right before our eyes. They slide into…

Why might one attend RISE?

As I sit at my desk preparing to write an article about why one should attend Northeastern University’s Research, Innovation, and Scholarship Expo: RISE, I hear the constant sounds of…