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Sarah Gauger

Philanthropic Advisor

Focus Award Judge: Illuminating Complex Problems Awards (CSSH)

Sarah Gauger is a philanthropic adviser working with individuals, families, and foundations: helping big thinkers think bigger; advising multi-generational philanthropists; and catalyzing ideas for high impact collaborations. Prior to her consulting work, Gauger served as President of Hunt Alternatives Fund, advocating for inclusive peace processes, combating the purchase of prostituted adults and children, inspiring women to political leadership, supporting social movement leaders, and strengthening youth arts organizations. Gauger’s involvement with the international community is extensive, and includes work at the US Chamber of Commerce and the US Embassy in Austria, often focused on bringing women leaders together from areas of violent conflict for intense coalition building and leadership training. There, “Vital Voices” was born, convening international leaders in business, law, and politics – which continues today as a global platform.

She returned to the US to participate in the creation of Women Moving Millions, serving on the Core Committee to launch a global collective of those making unprecedented gifts of $1 million or more for the advancement of women and girls. Gauger has served as an adviser to New England International Donors, Center for Collaborative Leadership, Salzburg Global Seminar, and others. She is a graduate of Colorado College. Gauger and her husband, a Boston-based consultant working to eradicate homelessness, are governed by their two colorful, independent, and opinionated children.