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2018, 2017

Richard Timmers

Edgewell Personal Care
Principal Scientist

Ric Timmers has a BS in Physics from the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh, and a MME in Materials Engineering from Auburn University. He has a background in porous materials, fluid flow, absorbent structures, fibers, nonwovens and FEA. Most of Ric’s experience has been with consumer products companies (Kimberly-Clark and Edgewell), although he spent four years working for a NASA contractor in the manned spaceflight program, also focusing on material mechanics of thin, flexible structures. Ric has worked primarily in advanced technology, and is currently responsible for delivering new materials, product concepts and technologies at the front-end of Edgewell’s Feminine Care product pipeline.

While away from work, Ric enjoys spending time with his daughter, working on home projects and playing guitar.