Nikki Lynch

Nikki Lynch

Curriculum Associates
Talent Acquisition Specialist


Nikki Lynch graduated from the University of Massachusetts Lowell with a Political Science degree with a concentration in Internal Relations. She was President of the International Relation Club and Secretary General at UML’s Model United Nations Conference. During her time at UML Nikki volunteered at SayDaNar Community Development Center where she went on to become the Head Fundraising and Event Coordinator and was then asked to join as an active Board Member for the organization. SayDaNar works with a community of Burmese refugees in Lowell, MA providing a variety of services ranging from after school tutoring, community organizing & fundraising, and citizenship classes.

Currently Nikki Lynch is a Talent Specialist at Curriculum Associates. Her passion for equity motivates her to evaluate systems and procedures for their effectiveness at promoting diversity and inclusion within the hiring process.

Prior to working for Curriculum Associates, Nikki was a member of the Admissions and Placement team at Education Pioneers. Education Pioneers is a company focused on closing the opportunity gap in education. She was selected to attend the White Privilege Conference to learn skills on broaching the concept of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and how it relates to white privilege and white dominant culture both inside and outside the workplace. These tools have allowed her to foster difficult conversations with both staff of color and white employees by meeting them where they are in their own journey.