Farber Neal
2019, 2018

Neal Farber

NeuroHealing Pharmaceuticals

Dr. Farber has over 35 years’ experience in the biotechnology industry in research, product development, and senior management. Neal is currently CEO of NeuroHealing Pharmaceuticals Inc, whose mission is to improve the neurorehabilitation process and functional outcome for patients who have suffered brain injuries. NeuroHealing is a private, clinical stage company developing innovative drug treatments for specialty indications based on re-positioning neurologically active compounds.

Neal previously held senior corporate development positions at Biogen, Cubist, T Cell Sciences (now Celdex) and Collgard Pharmaceuticals. He has been a consultant to early stage biotech, university start-ups, major life science-based companies and patent firms in matters encompassing strategy, drug development, due diligence, and business development. He has served on the Boards of profit and non-profit organizations, including co-President of the KLS Medical Foundation.

Neal was a Helen Hay Whitney Research Fellow in the Department of Cellular & Molecular Biology at Harvard University in the laboratory of Nobel Laureate Walter Gilbert. He received his PhD (Hammett Award) from Columbia University in Biophysical Chemistry, and a BSc (honors) in Chemistry and Biochemistry from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.