Streeter Martin

Martin Streeter

streetStat, LLC

Martin brings more than 30 years of international executive deployment of mission critical software systems often in compliance with FDA/EMA regulatory guidelines. He initiated his career as a Biostatistics/database expert on the original Bolt Beranek & Newman (BBN) Clintrial Database software team (back in the early 80’s). He got lucky and participated in an angel investment round funding PAREXEL International, (now a multi-billion $ CRO). Along the way he raised >$1M in classic venture capital to launch and operate Invantage, Inc. – An entity focused to create trusted alliances between physicians and industry, thereby accelerate and reduce pivotal Phase III drug trial startup costs. Invantage was acquired by Perceptive Informatics in 2002. After a time-span of 10,000 hours, he built a deep intuitive comprehension of pre-clinical, drug development R&D processes capped via authorship of corporate-wide quality life science control guidelines and standard operating procedures (SOPs). More recently, at Massachusetts Medical Angels (MA2) he has played a key role in sourcing startups, the screening committee and has directed deep-dive due diligence teams looking at early stage Life Science, Healthcare IT and Medical Device investment opportunities.