Mark Ettlinger
2017, 2016, 2015

Mark Ettlinger

AnythingMED, Inc

As a Mechanical Engineer with 24 years of experience in the medical device field and 3 years in sports trauma research, Mr. Ettlinger developed numerous general & minimally invasive surgical instruments, various implants, and drug delivery devices with applications in arthroscopy, orthopedic trauma & spinal fusion, cardiology, oncology, urology, laparoscopy, endoscopy, brachytherapy, wound treatment, cosmetic and cardiac surgery. Along the way, Mr. Ettlinger designed and fabricated most of the test fixtures and manufacturing tooling necessary for bringing new devices from inception through Verification / Validation, FDA clearance (510(k) & PMA) to market release. Mark is an inventor on 8 patents and 5 pending applications. The products he developed for client and assignee companies earn them in excess of $250MM annually.

Mr. Ettlinger has worked with over 20 medical technology companies (as consultant, contract engineer and employee) including Smith & Nephew Dyonics, ACT Medical, C.R. Bard [BARD Access Systems, BARD Interventional, USCI, and DAVOL], Byron Medical (Mentor), Catheter Innovations (Boston Scientific), Innerdyne (TYCO/USSC), Hewlett Packard (Phillips), Hydrocision, Uromed, NDO Surgical, Mitralign, CardioSolutions and STD Manufacturing (STDMED).

Mr. Ettlinger is a co-founder of the Med Development Group ( and served this non-profit company as Vice President, Program Director and Board Member. As well as being a co-founder of two consulting companies, AlvaMed and Medical Development Partners, Mark was a co-founder of Angiolink (Medtronic), Anodose Urology, Medical Animation & Design and CardioVantage.

My latest venture, AnyThingMED, is a service company that acts like an incubator or accelerator. The business concept is defined as a ‘Collaborative Invention Engine’ for the development of medical products both for clients and collaborating partners. We provide the product and business development consulting services necessary for all operations from evaluation thru commercialization.