Mark Druy

Mark Druy

Technology Assessment & Partnering

Dr. Druy has over 20 years experience in the development, implementation, licensing, and marketing of innovative spectroscopic instrumentation products. Dr. Druy’s work experience includes stints at Foster-Miller Inc. where he led the Process Sensing Technology Area and developed the first mid-infrared fiber optic probes and accessories for laboratory FTIR (Fourier Transform InfraRed) spectrometers. Dr. Druy was also the FTIR Product Manager at Digilab where he was responsible for the development and marketing of dedicated analyzers for the pharmaceutical and condition based maintenance markets. Most recently Dr. Druy was the Technology Transition Manager at Physical Sciences where his responsibilities included developing strategies and tactics for commercialization of the organization’s technology portfolio. His accomplishments at Physical Sciences included creating several product developing and licensing partnerships resulting in several million dollars in new revenue streams.

Dr. Druy has a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Pennsylvania (1981) and was a member of the 2000 Nobel Prize award winner Alan G. MacDiarmid’s research group for the discovery and development of conducting polymers. He also earned a B.A. degree in Chemistry from Brown University.

Dr. Druy co-organizes two technical programs at the Pittcon Conference and SPIE Sensing and Technology Applications Symposium on portable optical instrumentation and next generation spectroscopic technologies. He is also a contributor to Spectroscopy¬Ě magazine.