Campos Luis
2019, 2018

Luis Campos

Universal school of Karate

Virtual Judge

I was born in Brazil where I earned a Black Belt in Brazilian Jujutsu. After coming to the United States, I trained in the best Martial Arts School on the East Coast, under a six time “bare knuckle” knockdown world champion. I was one of the youngest certified third-degree instructors at the age of nineteen. I Followed my instructor’s footsteps by fighting “bare knuckle” knockdown tournaments. From the age of sixteen to my mid-twenties I trained with one thing in my mind, to become one of the best fighters in North America. However, life had other ideas for him, at the age of twenty-three I decided to Join the Army to defend this country. Through my twenty years in the Army I not only taught martial arts to over 2000 American and foreign soldiers, but also kept training and honing my skills. The U.S. Army trained me in the art of hand to hand combat under a war scenario, I also had the privilege to train with the Israeli Army for six months in the Art of Krav Maga. After twenty years of military service, four deployments to Iraq and one deployment to Kosovo I retired from the Army and decided to return to what I loved to do…Teach Martial Arts.