Hymel Lin
2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014

Lin Hymel

Arent Fox LLP

Lin Hymel has over 20 years of experience in procuring and evaluating patents in biotechnology, chemistry, and material science. His clients include universities, startups, and established companies in biotechnology, chemistry, and pharmaceuticals. Lin has a prior academic background in biochemistry, biophysics, and physiology and has taught at universities in the U.S., Germany, and Austria. His patent work has involved most aspects of biotechnology, including antibodies, nucleic acid probes, FISH technology, protein purification, vaccines, nanosensors and biosensors, drug delivery vehicles, immunotherapy, peptide therapeutics, chromatography, microscopy, single molecule DNA sequencing, small molecule drugs, MHC multimers, nutritional biochemistry, transgenic animals, diagnostic assays for cancer and hormones, microfluidics, nanoelectronics, nanomaterials, magnetic materials, and catalysts. Lin is co-chair of the Patent Law Committee of the Boston Patent Law Association.