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Lilly Stairs

Patient Authentic LLC
Founder & Principal

Focus Award Judge: Health Communication Award (CAMD & Bouve)

Lilly is recognized as a leading voice in the rapidly growing patient engagement field, having built award winning patient ambassador programs and powerful awareness campaigns that united patients and industry. She has served as an advocate for over a decade, transitioning into patient advocacy after she was diagnosed with multiple autoimmune diseases.

Lilly is the Founder & Principal at Patient Authentic where she helps healthcare companies authentically engage with patients and build movements to drive brand awareness and product adoption. Prior to founding Patient Authentic, Lilly served as the Head of Client Relations at Savvy Cooperative and lead Patient Advocacy at Clara Health where she conceived and executed patient engagement strategy and ensured the patient voice remained firmly at the center of the company. She has served in communications and advocacy roles across industry from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement to MassBio.

Lilly regularly shares her experience and expertise via speaking engagements from conferences to Capitol Hill and also serves as a Board Member for the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association (AARDA) and is a Lead Patient Advisor for Clara Health, ZappRx, Arena Pharmaceuticals and Janssen.