Krassimir Marchev

Krassimir Marchev

Northeastern University

Dr. Krassimir G. Marchev is Professor of Advanced Manufacturing at College of Professional Studies at Northeastern University. He is also Faculty Director of Undergraduate Engineering Programs at CPS. Dr. Marchev holds an Interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Materials Science and Solid State Chemistry from Northeastern University.

Dr. Marchev returned to NEU after a long and enjoyable career in industry, where he served as Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer of OptoGlo Inc., Director of Innovations of Milara Inc., and Senior Scientist and Team leader at the South Boston Innovation Center of P&G-Gillette. His expertise in materials nano-engineering, advanced product and technology development, physical metallurgy and surface science, were instrumental to the development of some of the most advanced Gillette blade edges such as the Fusion ProGlide.

Dr. Marchev’s IP portfolio includes a number of patents for P&G-Gillette, Northeastern University, as well as joint patents with the United Technologies – Sikorsky Aircraft, Sheffield-Hallam University (UK), and Milara Inc. These cover areas of surface engineered stainless steels, specialty alloys, semiconductor processing and nanotechnologies.
As a member of the Executive committee of AVS conferences on Surface engineering (ICMCTF) he edited a number of volumes published by Elsevier scientific. During the past decade, he has been invited to serve and share his expertise at various panels at the National Science Foundation. Currently, he is a member of the Executive committee of the Boston chapter of the American Society of Metals.
Dr. Marchev has supervised and mentored many NEU coop students.