Karen Kelley

CDM Smith
R&D Coordinator

Karen leads CDM Smith’s internal R&D program, and she is a senior engineer and groundwater modeler in CDM Smith’s Water Resources Division. She graduated from the University of Michigan with a Master’s degree in Water Resources and Environmental Engineering and holds a bachelor’s degree in Government from Cornell University. Karen is a MA licensed Professional Engineer in Environmental Engineering. As CDM Smith’s R&D Coordinator, Karen guides over 50 groundbreaking water, wastewater, water reuse, environmental, energy, and transportation research and development projects each year. A strong advocate of applying technological innovation to the Architectural/Engineering/Construction market, Karen is proud to help support CDM Smith’s engineers and scientists adaptation of the latest tools in virtual design and construction, unmanned aerial systems, mixed reality, and artificial intelligence in innovative ways. In her technical work, she has led the development of several regional-scale groundwater flow models and has performed litigation support on complex groundwater modeling applications. She has contributed to several projects in the Republic of Singapore to related to the conversion of Singapore’s iconic Marina Bay to a freshwater reservoir, including developing a management handbook to guide the integration of water quality protection, recreation, water transport, public safety, aesthetic, and flood-control functions of the reservoir. Karen has also performed coastal engineering analyses used to update the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA’s) flood insurance program maps for New England communities.
From 2009-2016, Karen developed and led the “CDM Smith Cares” program, a firmwide initiative designed to facilitate, support, and promote corporate community outreach through grassroots employee participation. She is currently the Chair of the Boston Society of Civil Engineering Section’s Freeman Committee, and has served on the committee since 2009.