Karen Feinberg

Feinberg Consulting
Principal Consultant/Researcher

Throughout my professional life, I have designed, launched, managed and advised a multitude of complex and innovative programs and public/private partnerships for diverse organizations worldwide. This includes local startups, nonprofits, technology organizations, educational institutions as well as USAID/United Nations initiatives and businesses involving 40 plus countries. I have also mobilized hundreds of individuals (ages 10-90+) and networks, with a focus on socio-economic empowerment, capacity building, equity and inclusion. I have always been working at the nexus of issues, industries and communities with a holistic, design, innovation and systems thinking approach. Key Areas: Education/ Development ~ Non Profits ~ Tech/Media/Arts ~ Business ~ Youth ~Innovation; Work and research include all levels of innovation/entrepreneurship & ‘intrapreneurship”?, (social, cultural, health, business, civic and governmental; programs,products and processes; innovation ecosystems); concerned with overall human, economic, social & community development as well as organizational capacity building;systems thinking and systems strengthening; Transdisciplinarity as an approach to problem solving, innovating and social impact; a “Boundary Spanner”?; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boundary_spanning