Kamal Hadidi

Kamal Hadidi

Amastan technologies LLC

Dr. Hadidi received his Ph.D. in 1992 in electrical engineering from University Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris, France. He has been a research scientist at MIT from March 1995 to June 2007 and has broad experience in industrial applications of plasmas. In 2000, he founded Amzil Inc. for the commercialization of technologies he helped develop at MIT. Dr. Hadidi worked on the development of several plasma-based technologies, including high power microwave plasma torch and microwave-based atomic emissions monitor for hazardous metals.
Dr. Hadidi also worked at Varian Semiconductor as a Principal Scientist, designing, testing, and bringing to market plasma-based ion implantation technologies.
In July 2011, Dr. Hadidi became President and CEO of Amastan LLC, a company he founded to produce nanomaterials using patented microwave generated plasma. In March 2014, he was successful in raising Series A funding from two investors to bring to market the UniMelt process technology, and he became the Chief Technology Officer for the company. Amastan LLC renamed itself to Amastan Technologies LLC and moved to North Andover, MA.