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Janet Garvey

U.S. Foreign Service
Ambassador (Retired)

Focus Award Judge: Data and Digital Storytelling Award (CAMD & CSSH); Ethically Informed Research Awards (CSSH); Illuminating Complex Problems Awards (CSSH)

Ambassador Janet Garvey retired from the Foreign Service after a 33-year career where she divided her time between Washington and overseas tours in Africa and eastern and central Europe. She was a career member of the U.S. Senior Foreign Service.

Prior to retiring, Ambassador Garvey served as the associate director for international liaison at the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies, where she conducted electives, seminars, and workshops in resident programs, especially on diplomacy, national security, interagency collaboration, and counterterrorism.

She served as U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Cameroon. Prior to that, she served as deputy coordinator at the Bureau of International Information Programs at the Department of State and as director of the Office of North Central European Affairs at the Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs at the Department of State.

Ambassador Garvey received her bachelor’s degree from Northeastern University, and her master’s and Juris Doctor degrees from Georgetown University.