Heather Goldstone

Heather Goldstone

Science Editor

Heather Goldstone is science editor at WGBH and WCAI, where she heads up Living Lab Radio, a multi-format exploration of the intersection of science with other facets of society, including economics, politics, education, and art. Goldstone holds a Ph.D. in ocean science from M.I.T. and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, and spent a decade in research before leaving the lab to pursue journalism. Goldstone has reported extensively on Woods Hole’s unique scientific community and key environmental issues on Cape Cod. Her stories have appeared in outlets ranging from Cape Cod Times and Commercial Fishery News to NPR’s Morning Edition and PBS News Hour. Prior to launching Living Lab Radio, Goldstone hosted Climatide.org, an NPR-sponsored blog exploring present-day impacts of climate change on coastal life.