Erol Aygar
2017, 2016

Erol Aygar

Computer Science

My professional achievements are mostly in developing software products and delivering mid to large-scale projects. I have comprehensive experience in design and implementation roles with diverse responsibilities. My titles have ranged from Software Engineer to Project Manager. I have worked at multinational tech companies and delivered software engineering solutions in various settings (e.g., waterfall, agile, scrum, large-scale programs, research projects).

My recent research projects include developing an ASR enabled Call Router System based on Hybrid Language Models; researching methods to manage and visualize large-scale multivariate scientific datasets; conducting human factors experiments; setting up an open-source mobile eye-tracking system, collect and analyze data; and designing programming languages, and implementing compilers and interpreters, in compliance with recognized standards. I am comfortable with multi-paradigm programming languages such as C, C++, Java and cutting-edge tools and technologies around them. My industry and academic experience also include software development l as real-time operating system and embedded systems.

Since 2013, I pursued majors in Computer Science and Information Technology (concurrent dual masters) at the University of New Hampshire and worked at Visualization Research Lab at Center for Coastal & Ocean Mapping. My research interests were Scientific Data Visualization, Computer Graphics and Vision and Automatic Speech Recognition. During my research, I co-authored two articles that involved designing, implementing and conducting human factors experiments as well as data collection and analysis. I graduated in December 2016.