Easen Ho
2017, 2016

Easen Ho

Vantron Technology
Senior Vice President

Dr. Ho has been an active technology entrepreneur over the past 18 years.   He was the founder and President of Digital Papyrus Technology in 1996, a startup that was focused on the development of a novel hybrid magnetic/optical disk storage device; a spin-off from Digital Papyrus eventually was acquired by Zygo Corporation in 2000.  Dr. Ho also co-founded Vantron Technology in 2002, a successful embedded systems and engineering service company headquartered in Chengdu, China.  Vantron was acquired Applied Data Systems and subsequently by Eurotech.  Dr. Ho currently serves as head of Vantron’s North American operations.

Dr. Ho’s other experiences include serving as the CTO of Calypso Systems, Inc., a NAND-based Solid State Device (SSD) test equipment and service provider.  Dr. Ho was the principle architect behind the development of an industry-wide testing standard for NAND-based SSD (The Storage Network Industry Association’s Solid State Storage Performance Test Specification).  He has served as tutorial speakers, session chairperson, as well as expert panelist in various storage-related conferences from 2008-2014.

Dr. Ho’s other startup and consulting experiences span a wide variety of technical disciplines, including embedded systems, optical sensors, optical and magnetic storage, bi-stable liquid crystal displays, supercapacitors and carbon electrode materials, test equipment and services for NAND flash storage devices, security devices and systems for the retail industry, as well as nanostructured materials for energy storage and health sciences applications.  Past areas of primary responsibility include board, executive management and operations, intellectual property portfolio execution, as well as technical leadership.  Dr. Ho currently holds a number of US patents, as well as scientific and conference publications.  Dr. Ho is currently actively involved in diverse field including IoT, novel materials and process development for energy storage, alternative TFT devices, roll-to-roll nano-manufacturing, as well as principal advisor to a seed stage investment company.

Dr. Ho’s received his Ph.D in electrical engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a minor from the Sloan School of Business (1996); M.S. in Physical Information Processing from Tokyo Institute of Technology (1990); and B.S. in Electrical Engineering from University of Washington (1987).