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Donald Williams

Princeton Healthcare Inc.
Chief Executive Officer

Don Williams is CEO of Princeton Healthcare Inc., and Princeton Technologies International, firms that specialize in providing support to healthcare, technology, and infrastructure companies worldwide. As a global solutions provider, Mr. Williams directs loans and investments to international companies and governmental agencies that are looking to develops financing and or technology platforms for hospitals, technology companies, and to support the development of major infrastructure project. Most recently, under the leadership of Mr. Williams and the Princeton Team, was Chief Advisor to the development of Ambulatory Centers in the British Virgin Islands. Princeton is currently working on hospital development projects and healthcare initiatives within China, Europe, South America and within the Caribbean. Mr. Williams was Vice-Chair and currently serves on the United States Department of Commerce’s Industry Sector/Advisory Committee (ITAC 11) on international trade for Small/Medium-Sized Firms, the top governmental advisory group on small/medium sized businesses. Mr. Williams serves on the Corporations Board of Northeastern University. Mr. Williams was selected by former President Jimmy Carter to be a Member of the Board of Councilors of the Carter Center in Atlanta, the human rights institute founded by the former President. Mr. Williams holds a Bachelors Degree from Boston University and a Master in Engineering Management from Northeastern University. He is a graduate of Columbia University’s Graduate School of Business, Executive Marketing & Business Program, and is a former Adjunct Professor of Finance, Marketing, Healthcare Business Strategy, and Business Policy.