Pieri Desmond

Desmond Pieri

Interim CEO / COO
Interim CEO / COO

I am a professional interim CEO / COO. I am asked by investors and/or board members to help companies get started, restarted, or grow to the next level, having run organizations from pure startups to companies with $25 million in revenue.

Since 2000 I have completed 25 interim roles in the US and abroad. The three situations when I’m called in are:

1. Interim CEO: When the board terminates a CEO, I come in to steady the ship while a search for an industry-specific CEO can be completed.

2. Interim COO: When a CEO (often the founding CEO) wants more bandwidth for a period of time, often during a period of rapid growth.

3. Assist Founding CEO: When investors have funded a young CEO and I’m asked to help build out the team.

I do well at bringing focus and order to an organization, at creating products that leapfrog the competition, and at driving revenue. I hire well and I lead people to achieve aggressive goals, recognizing that every company is ultimately a group of dedicated individuals.

Engagements generally run 3 to 12 months, though some assignments last much longer. Each is a hands-on, operational role.

My industry experience is broad, including:

Cleantech incubator, Coworking space, employee engagement technology, sustainable home goods, ultra-efficiency air conditioning systems, dynamic public transportation, consumer eCommerce, neighbor-to-neighbor car sharing, mobile devices, wireless communication, mobile content enablement SaaS, a not-for-profit start-up accelerator, sound masking, medical devices, software, middleware, computer-telephony, speech recognition, electronic ink, computer hardware, video games, and electronic device monitoring.

My blog says a lot about me, particularly the post that relays how the first thing I did at one turnaround was to clean the kitchen. http://changeagentdes.com/

In some interim assignments the founder asks me in, while in others it is the investor that initiates the assignment. And each is found via word-of-mouth.