Chris McIntosh

Chris McIntosh

Boston Business Journal
President / Publisher

Chris McIntosh is the Publisher of the Boston Business Journal. After graduating from Assumption College in 1991, Chris developed his expertise in publishing across 3 firms from Boston to Malibu, CA and he is now a recognized leader in publishing innovation, partnerships and business development.
In 2011 … Chris redesigned the print version of the BBJ, developed and launched several new daily verticals, created 6 new event platforms, re-built and re-launched Mass High Tech and has cultivated partnerships with television stations, radio and local associations. All of these efforts have resulted in increased circulation, ad revenue growth and “relevance” for the BBJ. Simply put …. The BBJ curates the most comprehensive, up-to-date local business news in the city every day because of Chris’s vision, passion and network of clients. He and his staff are building the “Business Journal of the Future” right here in Boston and our business community is reacting and benefiting! Beyond that … Chris’s generosity knows no bounds. He serves on the Boards of nine (9) nonprofit organizations in and around Greater Boston and this past year the BBJ donated over $750,000 in media support and cash to local charities.